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Marriage Reloaded

They went from The Honeymoon & Great Expectations to Pain, Mistrust and Disappointment. Now their Marriage has been RELOADED!  Have you lost hope for your marriage? If so, this is a must read for you.

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“This book is amazing! I am recommending it to ALL of my married friends! ”


“I love the book! James and Tryphena were speaking to me directly through the pages of this book! Totally recommend reading it.”




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Red Lenses

When we have been disappointed over and over again in our marriage many times we can begin to wear "Red Lenses" If you have ever put on red sunglasses you will notice that everything you see is red. In order to see the true color of things you have to take the...

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Book Signing at Word of Faith

We had a awesome successful first book signing at our home church Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral this past Sunday. So many people showed us love. Our purpose is to impact marriages so that families can be changed for the glory of God. Our Pastor Bishop Dale C....

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Excerpts from

the book

“…Problems block our view of the love we have for each other!”
“…In order for major change to come, a crisis usually has to occur!”

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